Advisory board

At the beginning of the third year of the project, the StretchBio advisory board was established, made up of independent professionals who are experts in the subject of the project. The objective of the advisory board is to be able to provide advice on scientific and business issues of the project in order to enhance the impact of the research.

The three members of StretchBio’s advisory board are:

Dr. Leandro Lorenzelli, head of MicroSystems Technology unit at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento (Italy)

Dr. Antonio Rullan, clinical research fellow and medical oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital/ICR and visiting scientist at the Crick in London (United Kingdom)

Dr. Ignasi Vilajosana, executive president of Worldsensing in Barcelona (Spain)

In the coming weeks, the advisory board will meet with the coordination of the project in order to discuss the next steps proposed at the meeting recently held in Barcelona.

PhD Thesis defense

Our colleague Elena López Aymerich will defend her doctoral thesis entitled “Development of opto-mechanical sensors based on silicon nanopillars for biological applications” this Friday, January 19. Carried out as part of the StretchBio project, the

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