European R&D Project StretchBio Announces Patent Filing

The StretchBio project is pleased to announce the filing of a new patent, marking a significant milestone in the development of cutting-edge optomechanical systems. The patent, filed under the code EP24382193.1, is titled “Optomechanical System for Monitoring the Mechanics of a Solid-State, Liquid, or Soft Matter Sample.” This patent lays the foundation for an innovative system based on nanopillars, which will be integral to the final device upon which the project is based. This development represents a key step forward in our efforts to enhance the capabilities of optomechanical technologies in various scientific and industrial applications, and in particular in biomedical applications.

PhD Thesis defense

Our colleague Elena López Aymerich will defend her doctoral thesis entitled “Development of opto-mechanical sensors based on silicon nanopillars for biological applications” this Friday, January 19. Carried out as part of the StretchBio project, the

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