Project title: StretchBio

Grant agreement ID: 964808

Strat date: 1 September 2021

End date: 31 August 2025

Overall budget: 3.822.695€

Coordinated by: Universitat de Barcelona

Funded under: H2020-EU1.2.1. – FET Open

CORDIS website:

Continuous stretch monitoring in ex-vivo tissue biopsies undergoing drug screening

Mechanical tension and stresses are key factors associated with controling the growth and proliferation of tumoural cells and tissues. Monitoring these stresses would help us understand cancer progression and allow for testing the effectiveness of anticancer drugs. The goal of the EU-funded StretchBio project is to develop a label-free and compact nanosystem for monitoring and quantification of mechanical stresses in ex vivo tissue biopsies. The StretchBio approach builds on a two-dimensional force sensor based on a nanopillar array whose bending, caused by the mechanical forces exerted by the living tissue, will change the transmitted light through the array. This novel nanodevice will allow scientists to evaluate the changes of the tissues undergoing treatment with anticancer drugs for improved drug screening.