D2.1 – Report on relation deformation-force for the nanopillars
D3.1 – Guidelines for optimized semiconductor fabrication route
D4.2 – Report on the adhesion of the tissues
D7.2 – Data management
D7.6 – Report on the 3rd intermediate Project meeting
StretchBio Website initial set-up
Supporting material of deliverable
D3.3 – Prototype of photonic nanosensor based on nanopillars
D5.1 – Report on the design and fabrication issues of the optical grating
D7.3 – Report on the first intermediate project meeting
D8.2 – Dissemination and explotation plan
D2.3 – Viability report on photonic sensors based on bending nanopillars
D4.1 – Report on the nanopillar biocompatibility
D5.2 – Report on photodetector selection and characterisation
D7.5 – Report on the 2nd intermediate Project meeting
StretchBio Kick-off Meeting of the Project