Ethics requirements

• This work package sets out the ‘ethics requirements’ that the project must comply with.

Work package leader: Universitat de Barcelona

WP1 progress*
Design and modelling of photonic crystals

• Simulation and modelling of the deformation of nanopillars

• Modelling of the light guiding properties of photonic devices based on nanopillars

• Modelling the effect of nanopillar deformation on photonic properties

• Guidance to WP4 for the fabrication of the nanopillar array

Work package leader: Universitat de Barcelona

WP2 progress*
Fabrication and characterisation of the nanosensor

• Fabrication of nanopillar arrays and photonic nanosensors

• Experimental characterisation of the photonic crystal, both in absence and presence of nanopillar deflection

• Nanopillars’ surface modification for tuning tissue adhesion will be studied

• Continuous fabrication of nanopillar arrays for the other WPs

Work package leader: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

WP3 progress*
Tissue-nanopillar material compatibility

• Compatibility studies of living tissues-nanopillar array

• Successful adhesion of living tissues on top of the nanopillar array

• Minimisation of unwanted effects of the growing tissues on the nanopillars

Work package leader: LEITAT

WP4 progress*
Integration of light sources and detectors

• Design and fabricate the input and output light coupling devices to nanopillar array

• Study options for miniaturised detectors and how to couple them to the nanosystem output

• Hybrid integration of the optical system

• Design the experimental set-up for complete optical source and detector coupling to the nanosystem

Work package leader: Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

WP5 progress*
Validation of the nanosystem

• Calibration of the nanosensor with tissues of Drosophila melanogaster

• Test of the nanosystem in different ex vivo tissues treated with a panel of antifibrotic drugs

• Integration of cell culturing compartment with the nanosystem for simultaneous experiments

Work package leader: Universitat de Barcelona

WP6 progress*
Coordination and management

• Meeting the objectives of the project within the budget and timeframe; ensuring compliance with EC rules.

• Coordinating project activities and ensuring effective internal communication.

• Carrying out quality control of the work and of deliverables; providing adequate information to the EC

Work package leader: Universitat de Barcelona

WP7 progress*
Exploitation, dissemination, training and communication

• Defining and implementing effective strategies of exploitation of StretchBio results & manage IP.

• Maintaining regular contact with external Advisory Board, end-users and other related projects.

• Organising workshops and short-term missions.

• Planning scientific publications, presentation and organisation of conferences

• Organising online communication and outreach activities

Work package leader: ReadyCell

WP8 progress*

*The calculation of the progress of execution of each work package is based on the effort in hours for each work package